15 th Congress of the International Society for Ecological Economics
10, 11 and 12 September 2018, in the city of Puebla, Puebla, Mexico
A bi-lingual congress
Ecological Economics and Socio-ecological Movements: Science, policy and challenges to global processes in a troubled world

Activities before the Congress

A visit to Ecological Economics reality: Integrating theory and practice

Integrating theory with real-life experience is a permanent challenge in science, and Ecological Economics is not an exception. Becoming acquainted with the community experiences in fields such as landscape restoration, ecological services, and healthy (environmental and consumer) agro-food production, will be of special interest. This interaction among those who carry out actions that have an impact on nature every day in order to meet their needs, with those who study the impacts that the management of natural resources has on the environment, the economy and social relations, of the current and future generations, will provide the participants with new visions, questions and alternative approaches to their doings.

As an activity prior to the International Congress of Ecological Economics, a space will be opened for the exchange of experiences and knowledge between attendees of the event and the rural and indigenous population who, in recent years, have taken actions to restore the landscape in its territory and undertaken struggles to mitigate climate change, overcome poverty and improve their living conditions for a better future.

With activities such as conferences with some outstanding members of the ISEE, talks, workshops, field trips, gastronomic tastings and cultural activities, an environment conducive to the coexistence and the exchange of points of view will be created to enrich the participants.

The space for this activity is in Vicente Guerrero, Municipality of EspaƱita, Tlaxcala, headquarters of the Comprehensive Rural Development Project Vicente Guerrero A.C. (http://vicenteguerrero.blogsite.org/ ; https://www.facebook.com/gvgTlaxcala). It is located in the foothills, southeast of the Sierra Nevada, and has in its vicinity many ecotourism projects, environmental services and agro-ecological practices, in addition to those hosted by the Vicente Guerrero Project site.

For enquiries, please write us at: isee2018@correo.xoc.uam.mx