15 th Congress of the International Society for Ecological Economics
10, 11 and 12 September 2018, in the city of Puebla, Puebla, Mexico
A bi-lingual congress
Ecological Economics and Socio-ecological Movements: Science, policy and challenges to global processes in a troubled world

Activities Post-Congress

Contact with peasant and indigenous communities

Additionally, a number of optional one-day post congress tours will be offered to establish contact with peasant and indigenous communities that have reorganized to enrich and diversify their collective lives and protect their ecosystems; these activities will be hosted by the communities themselves with possibilities for translation in English. These reorganization processes become political, social, cultural and, of course, economic strategies; through them they rescue their historical memory, they discard, adopt, and reinvent the ways in which they see the world and assert their ability to govern themselves. They include various examples encompassing agroecology, forestry, small-scale industry, cultural heritage, and political mobilization in the face of domestic developmental policies that are promoting the expansion of transnational capital.

If there is interest and "demand", there is the possibility of arranging longer visits that are further afield or offer the possibility of a deeper understanding of the process and/or a post-Congress vacation. These trips provide a window for introducing the participants to Peoples trying to improve their quality of life and defend their ecosystems. Although each of the options differ among themselves, they all are communitarian efforts to transform their societies while strengthening their cultures on the margins of the nation-state of which they are part.

For enquiries, please write us at: isee2018@correo.xoc.uam.mx